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ERP | Cloud | Integration Solutions

More than 19 years of experience.

Professional Skills:
Software Engineering | Software Architecture | Solution Designing | Team Development | Offshore Delivery | Strategic Planning | DevOps | SaaS | Agile Development | Application Management | ERP Management

Domain Knowledge:
Enterprise Software | Cloud Computing | IoT | Integration

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Technical R&D

I write a technology blog covering Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure, IoT, Power Apps, Power BI, .Net, SQL Server, SSRS, and related technologies. Join this blog on facebook {Rahul Sharma} or drop a note, to start a discussion !!!


Windows 10 IoT Core on Raspberry Pi

This is the first post from the series covering IoT, connecting your devices & sensors with the line of business applications such as Microsoft Dynamics 365. Read more...


Control LED - Windows 10 IoT Core

In this post, we will create a headless Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app that will control LED on our Windows IoT Device. Read more...


Move Azure VM to a subscription

Move Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine from one subscription to another. Read more...


Once in a while kind of ;)

On lifestyle, adventure sports, travel and food.

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Adventurous | Nature lover | Foodie | Humorous

This channel is about lifestyle, travel, & food experience. I would really appreciate you guys subscribing and encouraging me for more content. Do let me know in the discussion, what you would like to see more on this channel.
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